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Talking therapies are as much a science, as they are phenomena. Let’s look at why our minds and bodies, which are integrated sometimes run into difficulties. From the time we are born, the unconscious mind...

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I started my training in counselling. In 2001 at Birmingham University and worked in the corporate finance sector, which is quite a stressful arena in itself, to finance my education. During this time, I discovered...

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Utilising simple technology to enable convenient connectivity where ever you are in the world. Download VSee (Preferred) or Skype and install on your device to begin our online appointment.

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Welcome to Talking Heads Therapy

  • Online & practice based Counselling
  • Pyshotherapy & Hypnotherapy Services
  • Integrated Therapies Available
  • GP & Professional Referrals Accepted
  • Hypnoanalysis regression work

As specialists in hypnotherapy, counselling & psychotherapy we covered the areas of Oldbury in Dudley, West Bromwich, Halesowen.  Areas further afield  are covered including online counselling, psychotherapy & hypnotherapy throughout the UK.  The sole focus is you and potential clients are invited for an initial hour-long consultation to discuss their issues, to establish what their needs are and how we can best help them. The first duty of care is always to ensure you are given the appropriate support by the right therapist.

By helping you to focus on your issues using psychotherapy, counselling & hypnotherapy, clients then to continue helping themselves long after their therapy has been completed. Arming you with powerful techniques, that combat future stressors, enabling you to continue living with your new learned responses and these powerful techniques can be used for all kinds of future situations, that may arise.

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