Talking Heads Therapies Overview

Pyschotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP & EMDR is as much a science, as they are phenomena. Let’s look at why the mind and body, which is integrated sometimes runs into difficulties.

From the time we’re born, the unconscious mind has an important role to play which is to ensure human survival. The unconscious mind gathers and records experiences every second of the day. The language of the unconscious mind is imagery, sounds, smells, tastes and its own protective intuition; in other words, all of the human senses. When we develop a phobia and or anxiety, it is the unconscious brain, recalling an awareness of previous danger or an unpleasant situation. In some cases, this can become traumatised, when the mind sends the body into overload. For example, increased blood pressure and heart rate, perspiration and clamminess, dry mouth and difficulty in speaking, unsteadiness and shaking nerves, we then can develop mental health issues.

Very young children start by having the ability to see their own internal world of themselves and others, especially during their development into adulthood. For some people, this is a wonderful time, however, for others, that is not always the case, leading to difficulties in later life. If we reflect on the past, be it is pleasant or not, we all carry with us unconscious experiences out of our control that continue to play a part in our present and future.  when we have suffered too much in young life, without seeking treatment, we can develop mental health issues.

As we develop into adults and enter into the wider world, it’s very easy to focus too much on the outside world, and not enough on the internal world and its needs, leading to the brain becoming handicapped in its perceptions and thought processes and therefore not quite so healthy in its executive function. This can cause problems in personal relationships, particularly the one with ourselves, as well as others to be not quite as integrated as it should be. This can affect the resilience we all need in becoming integrated between ourselves and the environment and the external world. When this happens, we can struggle with aspects of in many different relationships, sometimes to the point where we develop an inability to trust someone or an inability to cope with loss and rejection. Many self-defeating behaviours develop, as symptoms indicating the executive function of the brain is not emotionally attuned. All this is the phenomena of the unconscious mind, which can remain out of control, that is, until we start to make those vital connections.

Talking Heads Therapy