Talking Heads Online Counselling Service

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  • 18 Jan, 2017

Talking Heads Online Counselling Service

Online counselling & hypnotherapy has become ever more popular during the last ten years. Modern technology has brought us even more improved services in the form of fibre optic broadband systems, which promote high quality video calling facilities such as Ring.MD which is a confidential medical platform for video calling transmissions. Research now shows clear evidence that online counselling has equally beneficial results with practice based counselling and the online trend continues to grow.

Why choose online counselling & hypnotherapy?

Statistics show that on-line counselling is as successful as one to one therapy and there are several reasons why so many people choose to work on their issues with a counsellor privately online, which is protected by strict confidentiality and professional ethics. Sometimes clients connect with a particular therapist who lives outside of their area, whilst others feel uncomfortable attending the therapist’s practice. Whatever the reasons are, many counselling and hypnotherapy clients simply find this means of therapy to be more convenient, as it’s carried out from the comfort of their own homes, without the hassle of travelling to an appointment after a long days work. In fact, during a daytime session you don’t even need to take more than an hour away from your work, as long as you have a private workplace facility.

In turn, we have learnt to carefully observe client’s facial and vocal expressions towards their inner feelings whilst they are online, although some prefer to turn off their webcam; it is felt important that the therapist be able gage the expression of your vocal input. The sessions are 50 minutes long, with a 5-minute review at the start and end of the session making the session time 1 hour in total.

The advantage of online hypnotherapy, counselling & psychotherapy is that we are able to accept clients from london, manchester, liverpool, leeds, in fact any town or city nation wide throughout the UK. We also accept referrals from insurance companies for Trauma & Anxiety caused by road traffic accidents.

What issues are suitable for online hypnotherapy, counselling & psychotherapy

All mental health issues are suitable for online hypnotherapy, counselling & psychotherapy and in particular, depression, bipolar,  abuse, trauma, anxiety & stress.  It’s even possible to work with phobias online using hypnotherapy & nlp combined with the counselling.

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