The Science Of Therapy

So how can we make sense of this scientifically? In plain English and based on hard facts?

Let’s go back to all the stored memories and experiences. These are housed in what is called the Hippocampus, a structure in the brain most closely aligned to memory formation. It has importance as an early storage place for long term memory and is involved in the transition of long term memory to even more enduring permanent memory. In other words, it’s like an ever growing filing cabinet, where everything gets stored. Next to this is a complex structure, known as the Amygdala. The amygdala is involved in processing emotions, and fear learning links to areas of the cortex that processes “ higher” cognitive information with hypothalamic and brainstem systems (vital body functions) that control “ lower” metabolic responses, such as touch, pain, sensitivity and respiration. A good example of this is a well known fight or flight response, to eliminate danger and ensure human survival. The amygdala, also has extensive connections to the medial or mid brain prefrontal cortex.

Let’s look at the neural integration between mind and body. When we become stressed, the mid brain or prefrontal cortex, becomes dulled and dimmed, blocking focus and concentration, a little like being shrouded by an invisable fog. This in turn releases, increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, that increases feelings of frustration and aggression, diminishing the balanced levels of dopamines, the feel-good hormones. Emotional and negative thoughts, fire up the neural responses in the brain, where energy and information needs to constantly flow via circuits throughout the body. Synaptic brain connections from thought processes become lit up and spread further and further until they become widespread, affecting the mind and body circuitry. GPS state that 75% of patients visiting their surgeries have stress related illnesses.

Neural integration is at the very core of mental health with the use of hypnotherapy helping to integrate the two and when counselling and hypnotherapy are used in combination the impact on the biopsychosocial aspect on live is even more powerful. When we experience healthy positive thoughts and emotions, feel good endorphin levels increase throughout the body and the balance of the chemicals are restored. Executive function of the brain is able to interpret quicker, in a clearer and more focused way.

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