Online Counselling Booking

Welcome to our innovative and personal online counselling page. A convenient and comfortable way for us to meet via a secure face to face internet connection. To ensure that we are comfortable together and are delivering the right services for you, we start with an initial assessment consult.  To book your initial consultation please contact us using the contact form in the sidebar opposite.

When you book  an online initial consultation, some background information will be taken in confidence.  Your issues can be discussed in more depth and the purpose of therapy will be explained, helping you to make an informed decision as to whether therapy is right for you. we’ll also  discuss your choice of video calling as well as determine the online strength of your broadband connectivity, which is an important feature for online counselling with video calling via medical platform Ring.MD, which is quick and simple to set up and is free. please allow at least an hour for your initial consultation as this cannot be rushed.

Online consultations and any consequent sessions are conducted in the exact same non-judgemental and confidential manner as sessions at the talking heads therapy practice with the first care of duty always to you, the client.

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