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Birmingham’s New Mental Wellbeing Directory

Well, upon opening an email that Caron Thompson sent me, I was truly cock-a-hoop to see what the Common Unity team have recently developed for the Birmingham area. The app is so comprehensive and ingenious, that every household should have one. It covers mental health, education, housing, law and a vast variety of support services […]

State Education System – Student vs Government

By Josh Bernard It has only recently been publicly recognised that our state education system is collapsing more and more each year. Financially, schools and colleges are struggling, due to the increased negligence from the government. The chancellor (Mr Hammond) has shown a lack of understanding of the education system by reducing school funds and […]

Body Language by Josh Bernard

It is amazing on how much information our body alone can give off. We usually tend to think only emotions shown from facial expressions can determine how our mental state is. However, that is only the tip on top of the mountains of stuff that we do with our whole bodies. On our heads, it’s […]

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