State Education System – Student vs Government

By Josh Bernard
It has only recently been publicly recognised that our state education system is collapsing more and more each year. Financially, schools and colleges are struggling, due to the increased negligence from the government. The chancellor (Mr Hammond) has shown a lack of understanding of the education system by reducing school funds and now interested in investing in opening new schools, with the majority of schools being Grammar Schools. Mr Hammond and the government should recognise that schools, six-forms and colleges in England are literally ‘on their knees’ struggling to make ends meet.
Due to the huge financial cuts being made, head teachers from both college and schools are warning us that specific classes that are less commonly being taken by students, are being axed from their learning curriculum. Because of this, an increase in class sizes are becoming the outcome. Class sizes at schools are recorded to be at average number of 33 students. Already above the recommended 30:1 maximum student teacher ratio.

In school, reports have shown, the most common not taken subjects have been German, performing arts, design and technology, as well as music and art. Whereas in College, at A Levels, design and technology, German and music are significantly being cut in more and more colleges. Thus, we are heading towards a country lacking creative arts and diversity and will be behind the rest of the modern world.

Building more academies and grammar schools is a costly way to open extra school places. There not enough finance going towards the actual school buildings, when a lot of schools can easily expand on maybe the excess land available to a lot of the schools. However, in a result of the actions the government are taking, teachers are being forced to cooperate and continue to attempt to push and give the students the best with the lack of facilities available.
A lot of schools and colleges are using out of date IT equipment, meanwhile everyday technology is advancing and most of the teachers have these latest computer technologies in their households. The IT equipment are simply not up to modern day standards and is affecting education within in the schools and colleges.

95% of schools have said their schools have had to cut back on support services including, equipment such as books, special needs support and mental health. This is an extremely important matter as the key word is “support” and that is where one of the many problems are coming from. This has a major impact on young people as well as the parents of those young people it is affecting. The lack of support on mental health in schools, are not being considered by the government is a huge eye opener and makes you question, are the government really making their decisions to better the future of the younger people?
If you’re a school pupil or a parent, please share your thoughts.

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